“A moving and insightful account of the Syrian civil war―a conflict that has destroyed a country, reshaped the Middle East, and destabilised the entire global order.” Best Book Pick (Read the full review) ―Yuval Noah Harari, The Guardian

One of the best books of 2019. ―The Economist

“Dagher draws on history, interviews and his own experience as a reporter in Syria to depict an utterly ruthless regime.” (Read the full review) ―The New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice

“A riveting chronicle from a courageous journalist who was there to witness and report the truth. A book that should deservedly garner significant award attention.” (Read the full review) ―Best reported books of 2019, starred review, Kirkus

“An impressive feat of journalism.” (Read the full review) ―Publishers Weekly

“A vivid and powerful account of the roots and course of the conflict, setting it in the context of Assad’s personal history and approach to power.” (Read the full review) ―Anthony Dworkin, The Washington Post

“The Wall Street Journal writer gives a compelling insider account of the deadly ambition of the Assads. Sam Dagher’s grim and impressively detailed account of the destruction of a country rests on two closely related factors: first, he was the only journalist for a major western newspaper based permanently in Damascus from 2012-2014, before being detained and thrown out. Second, his work is impeccably sourced – his access to Tlass and others provides rich insights into Assad and his inner circle, as well as into leading opposition activists.” (Read the full review) ―Ian Black, The Guardian

“Sam Dagher’s book Assad or We Burn the Country is a vivid and at times grueling account of the suppression of the Syrian resistance…It is a powerful testimony…Dagher’s account carries the outrage and passion of a witness to atrocity.” (Read the full review) ―John Sawers, Financial Times

“He was briefly held by pro-regime militiamen in an underground prison and was summarily expelled by the Mukhabarat in 2014. This gives his description of events a credibility lacking in many other accounts.” (Read the full review) ―Patrick Cockburn, New York Times Book Review

“Dagher tells a story of paranoia and unbridled violence. He is unequivocal in his condemnation of the Assad regime and catalogs the world’s acquiescence in the regime’s brutality, enabled in part by the focus on battling the Islamic State (or ISIS).” (Read the full review) ―John Waterbury, Foreign Affairs

“With nonstop tension and timely, exclusive interviews, this is the perfect book for a dad who’s looking to understand the history behind one of the world’s most chaotic regions. Drawing on years of reporting and interviews with those at the top of the Syrian regime, Sam Dagher’s book is one that readers won’t be able to put down.” ―Kerry Breen, TODAY Show, “Father’s Day 2019 books: Great gift ideas for dad”

“As the only Western reporter based in Damascus during the early years of the civil war, Dagher has a rich perspective on the inner machinations of the regime of Bashar al Assad. In this important book, he lays out in grim detail the staggering cynicism and ruthless brutality of the Assad family. In doing so, he provides readers with a timely description of the dynasty that precipitated the destruction of a nation.” ―Clarissa Ward, Chief International Correspondent, CNN International

“A meticulous record of the 21st century’s darkest hour…sprawling, meticulously researched and essential addition to the literature on the Syrian tragedy. It’s also a reminder to those in the West pushing for rapprochement with Damascus of what they can expect in return.” (Read the full review) ―Stephen Starr, The National

“In this gripping narrative of the inner workings of the Assad regime, Dagher delivers a stunning portrait of the ruthlessness and brutality at the heart of the family that has dominated Syria for fifty years. Captivating in its detailed, first-person accounts from key figures inside Syria’s corridors of power, his is the most complete and compelling account to date of Bashar’s unlikely rise to power, and the relentless violence he has unleashed since 2011 to preserve his iron grip over the country. Essential reading from a noted journalist and one of the world’s best-informed Syria watchers.” ―Steven Heydemann, Janet W. Ketcham 1953 Professor of Middle East Studies and Director of the Middle East Studies Program at Smith College

“Detailed and impeccably-sourced account of the rise of the Assads and the Syrian civil war.” ―Elias Jahshan, The New Arab, Best books by Arab Authors in 2019

“An important addition to the existing literature on the Middle East – especially Syria – by an astute Middle East watcher…It is absolutely indispensable to understand current Middle Eastern and Syrian situation.” (Read the full review) ―The Washington Book Review

“As with so much of Dagher’s writing, what’s striking about the book is it doesn’t just confirm the worst that’s been reported about Assad’s regime in the much-maligned “mainstream media;” it unearths new ways in which the horror and criminality are in fact more terrible than previously understood.” (Read the full review) ―Alex Rowell, Al-Jumhuriya

“With ‘Assad or We Burn the Country’, Sam Dagher has furnished the world with some genuine ammunition against the Syrian regime’s on-going campaign of disinformation. The only Western journalist to have lived in Damascus from 2012, Dagher conducted meticulous research to safeguard his recounting of almost 50 years of Syrian history.” (Read the full review) ―Moritz Baumstiger,

“Sam Dagher beschreibt die Welt von Baschar al-Assad – dank einer exquisiten Quelle.” (Read the full review – German) ―Süddeutsche Zeitung

“The book is an essential read because it dispels many of the myths surrounding the Syrian conflict and forces us to ask some hard questions about how we got to this position.” (Read the full review) ―Usman ButtMiddle East Monitor

“A powerful new chronicle of the Syrian tragedy, based on interviews with regime insiders and rebel activists, seeks to explain the Assad government’s successful grip on power and the lengths to which it will go to maintain this…Reading Assad or we Burn the Country makes one want to reach out to the characters in the book and save them, or at least warn them. ” (Read the full review) ―Joey Ayoub, London School of Economics Middle East Centre Blog

“The Syrian uprising has been one of the most consequential events in our new century-it has changed the world. Sam Dagher has been reporting from the heart of the crisis. His book, told through the eyes of two important Syrian insiders, a human rights activist and a former Brigadier General of the Syrian Republican Guard, is a vivid description of the crisis as it unfolded over the past 8 years. It is a must read for anyone who seeks to understand the complex world we are living in.” ―Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Syrian American doctor and President of MedGlobal

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